Author: Karen Leigh Anderson

Russell Dalgleish

Russell is recognised as a leading expert in the field of “international community development” and has spoken on the subject from the floor of the United Nations to the boardrooms of global companies, to the streets of London.

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Sara Osterholzer

The world of business is changing and Sara Osterholzer is leading the charge. Sara is an impact-entrepreneur and good business optimist, most recently co-founded The Good Business Club.

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Zubair Junjunia

Zubair is an educational activist, social entrepreneur, and founder of ZNotes – a global student movement fighting educational inequality that has reached almost 4 million students and 28 million hits globally.

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Chen Mao Davies

Dr. Chen Mao Davies is CEO of LatchAid, a pioneering app utilising cutting-edge 3D technology and Artificial Intelligence for breastfeeding and early parenthood support.

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