Dr Chen Mao Davies

Dr. Chen Mao Davies is CEO of LatchAid, a pioneering app utilising cutting-edge 3D technology and Artificial Intelligence for breastfeeding and early parenthood support. It supports parents from 93 countries and is trialled with 12 NHS providers in 4 Integrated Care Systems, demonstrating a doubling of exclusive breastfeeding rate at 6 weeks compared with the national average. LatchAid has won over 4 Innovate UK funding competitions since 2020. It recently completed a seed funding round of £1m.

Chen holds a PhD in Computer Graphics and has over 15 years R&D experience in academia and industry. She spent 10 years creating Oscar & BAFTA award-winning visual effects for blockbuster films including Gravity and Blade Runner 2049. Her life course changed completely after she became a mother and experienced tremendous breastfeeding challenges. Struggling to achieve a good latch, she suffered from breast infections, baby’s weight loss, and postpartum depression. Her experience motivated her to found LatchAid in 2018 to revolutionise breastfeeding and motherhood support using innovation and empathy.