Helen Chambers

Helen Chambers - lady with short hair and glasses

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Input | Ideation | Strategic | Intellection | Maximizer

Helen Chambers  – Offering strategic planning and executive facilitation to help you meet your vision and mission. I create good thinking spaces to help you get where you need to go efficiently and effectively.

A co-founder of Inspiring Scotland, one of the world’s largest venture philanthropy organisations, that matches funding into the voluntary sector with sustained capacity building. In the past 15 years I have been intimately involved in investing over £250m addressing challenges faced by some of Scotland’s most vulnerable individuals and communities, reaching over 300,000 individuals.

I have a significant track record in social entrepreneurship and innovation:
• Co-founder of the Equality Network – a European leader in equality policy and legislative change;
• Designer the Scottish Tobacco Control Alliance;
• Designed the Scottish Government’s £50m Working for Families Fund noted by Audit Scotland for its high standard