Sara Osterholzer

The world of business is changing and Sara Osterholzer is leading the charge. She believes there’s a different way to do business that positively impacts people and the planet while still being profitable and is demystifying what that looks like to support business owners create sustainable businesses, for themselves and the world.

Sara is an impact-entrepreneur and good business optimist, most recently co-founded The Good Business Club.

Sara has been in the world of startups, social enterprise and ‘good business’ for nearly a decade. She has founded three startups, designed and delivered an accelerator programme, organised 125+ support and networking events, and have facilitated workshops, peer sessions and training for entrepreneurs and small business teams. Sara now mentors the next generation of leaders looking to redesign the world of business, for good and enables first-time good business owners to set up sustainable businesses without decades of experience behind them.

When she’s not banging the drum for purpose-led business, you can find her touring around on her motorbike or breaking the taboo around mental health.