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Lisa is an authentic East Ender of Polish and Irish descent. Lisa cares deeply about the community and making Tower Hamlets safe and inclusive for everyone, having always lived and worked locally. She started her career as a market trader and from an early age was honing her entrepreneurial skills. Lisa went on to support at-risk young people with legal issues and appeals. As a community volunteer, Lisa has raised substantial funds for education and charitable organisations and has strategically supported many more.

Lisa is a fellow of The School of Social Entrepreneurs, graduating in 2013.

She was also recognised in 2021 by being a winner of the Social Innovation Prize. This is is awarded annually by Trinity Hall College Cambridge, and the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation based at  University of Cambridge Judge Business School. It is given to a few chosen individuals for their achievement to date and for their ambitious plans for the future.

As the founder of Social Ark, Lisa helps grassroots social entrepreneurs, whom she describes as ‘hidden gems’, to use their lived experience to develop social businesses and to create a better life for themselves and the community around them.

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Gallup CliftonStrengths®
Intellection | Maximizer | Strategic | Responsibility | Adaptability

Deeply concerned about Planetary health. Volunteer in Deep Adaptation forum, for local community groups, as an online regenerative culture educator. Recently, Education for Sustainability science masters (with hons) at LSBU 2016. Currently building a permaculture design and demonstration site in rural Portugal. Natural building, food forests, reforestation, soil regeneration. Volunteers and co-learners. Live-in sustainable living experiences with yoga/mindfulness, healthy eating, living the Deep Adaptation lifestyle.

Extensive experience in simple and sustainable living, degrowth and alternative economic systems, personal and social change, Social Networks and Transformational learning in adults. Concerned to speed up our joint response to the changes caused by humans on the planet.

Previously – extensive experience (over 20 years) as unflappable senior Infrastructure Project Manager, large email and intranet tool implementations. Available for short term projects, if the project is sustainable or community based, with real environmental focus. I bring 30 years of experience and knowledge of team work, networking, and various tools, from very large global corporations to voluntary and entrepreneurial groups.

Good at negotiating around, over and through project log jams – recognised for getting things done, on time, and to budget. Prince 2 certified, adaptable, very technical on IT – learn fast, with a very strong zoom capacity – (conceptually and the Zoom meeting app 🙂 ) — from small to big picture and back.

10 years experience as Yoga instructor, owner, developer and manager of urban yoga and alternative health centres, and rural live in retreats.

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